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Among those of the subject and among those that the argument is not contrary can participate, there is a perception that the PCT is not necessary to carry out, if the course were used drugs that are not flavored and are almost not inhibiting the endogenous testosterone production. Both eat speaker used for the first time. I hasten to disappoint. Any drug, whether Primabolan, Turinabol, even Oxandrolone, which takes more than 30 days, begins to endogenously suppress your paste. Therefore, after the end of the AU is not pass the rollback. Someone rolled back will be less than someone more, but it certainly would be if it was better if we failed to come to the aid of a group of drugs, one of which is Altamofen – active ingredient Tamoxifen Citrate, the production of Alpha Pharma. It will help you restore testosterone production online shorter.

Altamofen-10 (Tamoxifene) Online Price Italy

There is another version of tamoxifen over the AU. Apply this drug if you are using steroid dressing such as testosterone. In the villages of many online stores that sell ready-made course steroid options. These samples of human stupidity, tamoxifen would necessarily involve the exchange of AU, to inhibit the aromatization of steroids and the inherent side effects of excessive dressing, the most striking example of which is gynecomastia. In fact, this approach is fundamentally not true. My personal opinion, which coincides with the practice of using the AU like Yu.Bobmela and D. Lyuber:

In the course of Tamoxifen it is not necessary, as Tamox, reduces the production of IFR-1, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the course. Also tamox has unpleasant side effects, which I will not describe, Google and the Internet to help you. Therefore, to avoid estrogen – dependent side effects (gyno, full), it is necessary to use other products – aromatase inhibitors, the most accessible of which is Anastrozole. Using Altamofen the course can only be justified in one case gyno has climbed and is holding nothing except Tamox not. Buy Altamofen in Italy any pharmacy, even if the price is not justified high. Buy Altamofen possible in our online shop at a lower price.

Altamofen-10 (Tamoxifen) Dosage

Very important! Never use Tamoxifen in PCT, after a course that used Trenbolone and Nandrolones and Oxymetholone. (Clomid) The fact that Tamoxifen increases the number of progesterone receptors, because you have every chance to get all inherent progestin pobochki.

As a general rule, PCT with Altamofen start the next day after the abolition of the AU. If you do not use long course esters, the need to start considering the PCT period of validity of such a drug. For example, the action Try Enantat another 15 days after the last injections and sustanon – 4 weeks. Those post-cycle therapy should begin no earlier than 2-4 weeks.

Altamofen-10 (Tamoxifen) Side Effects

Tamoxifen bodybuilding allows you to remove the negative side effects of aromatization steroids. Altamofen can be used when it shows signs of gynecomastia, because Tamox shows good activity in the mammary glands. When the symptoms of gyno disappear, it is necessary to use another aromatase inhibitor or blocker.

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