Andriol Testocaps

Andriol Testocaps


Substance: Testosterone undecanoate
Package: 40mg (60 pills)

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Andriol Testocaps is a unique testosterone-based oral which was launched in the early 80s. Each of them contains 40 mg of undecanotat testosterone dissolved in oil. Which means 25mg per capsule of pure testosterone. The design of oral anabolics this steroid is very different from other oral steroids. Substances usually administered orally into the blood by the liver. Same thing happens with steroids, and if they have no protection they will be destroyed by the liver before they reach the bloodstream. Adding a 17 alpha alkylated methyl group steroid structure will be protected, but this way you have a certain amount of stress on the liver and can cause damage. If Andriol Testocaps, we managed to bypass the liver by being absorbed in the intestine. Therefore, it is very active orally and it attacks the liver.

A lot of testosterone undecanoate in the body turns into dihydrotestosterone, resulting in Andriol Testocaps has very little flavor, which only a small part Extremely turn into estrogen, which dihydrotestosterone is not aromatized.

Andriol Testocaps Online Price Italy

Thus steroid Andriol Testocaps seems ideal. But as the saying goes too good to be true, so again. Its first problem is biological value. Most of those who use it say that doses below 240 mg per day (ie 6 capsules) are useless, neavaind any effect. When the doses are increased to 8-10 capsules per day (320-400 mg) moderate gains in smooth muscle is observed, but not so spectacular gains have been obtained using the same dose as a steroid injection. It can be given for extremely low indelugant due to adverse effects.

But the Andriol Testocaps action is much lower than most UK steroids. No significant negative effects but no results are not very spectacular.

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