Eutropin LG 4IU

Eutropin LG 4IU


Substance: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
Package: 1 bottle of 4IU

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Eutropin is a drug containing recombinant HGH (Human Growth Hormone), termed as Somatropin. It is an FDA approved drug which is used successfully for the treatment of human growth hormone deficiency.

Somatropin is a hormone-based protein, which is primarily required for normal muscle and tissue growth.

This Italy drug works by stimulating growth, inducing cell reproduction and ultimately leading to regeneration of human cells.

Eutropin LG 4IU (HGH) Positive Effects

Each bottle of this drug consists of 4 IU of recombinant HGH

Indications of Somatropin 4 IU:

It is actually used to treat an individuals abnormal growth occurring due to lack of growth hormone secretion.

Small rise occurring due to various ailments such as turner syndrome (TS), chronic renal failure (CRI), idiopathic short stature (ISS).

Replacement therapy in adults

Eutropin LG 4IU (HGH) Dosage

This drug must be injected subcutaneously. The dosage regimen of this drug will vary based on the indications for use, age and weight of the patients.

For PGHD: The recommended dose of this drug is injected at 0.5 to 0.6 IU / kg / week. This drug should be injected in 3 to 6 times in a week.

For the TS: The prescribed dose of this drug is injected 0.5 IU / kg / week.

For CRI: This drug should be taken 0.15 IU / kg / day.

Replacement therapy in adults: Therapy with this drug should be started with 0.125 IU / kg / week and injected 6 to 7 times in a week. The dose of this drug may further increase due to a patients requirement of 0.25 IU / kg / week.

Important information

This drug should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Discontinue therapy with this drug if any signs or symptoms of tumor growth occur.

A proper examination must be carried out to monitor the conditions of scoliosis in patients because this drug can increase the risk of scoliosis.

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