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Methyltestosterone is a drug that belongs to the androgenic class of drugs. It is used in men who are unable to produce the natural substance called testosterone themselves. Therefore, methyltestosterone is indicated as replacement therapy in patients with a deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone. Generally, testosterone is responsible for primary genital growth and development and for the development of muscle and bone. Methyltestosterone Italy is similar to naturally produced testosterone levels. Other therapeutic indications of methyltestosterone are as follows:

– Primary hypogonadism, which is testicular failure due to cryptorchidism;

– Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism;

– Stimulation of puberty in males with delayed puberty;

– It can also be used in postmenopausal women from 1 to 5 years, with advancing inoperable metastatic breast cancer.

Consult a physician before starting methyltestosterone therapy and weigh all the risks for your particular medical condition. Also, read the package insert carefully to get the best information about the drug, the potential for interaction with other drugs and other details related to therapy with it.

Metilver (Methyltestosterone) Dosage

Methyltestosterone is a drug available for oral administration in capsules. It is recommended to follow the therapy exactly as prescribed. The dose prescribed depends on many factors, such as the age, gender and diagnosis of each patient. Therefore, consult a doctor to get the prescription of the appropriate dosage for your medical situation.

Generally, replacement therapy in male androgen deficiencies is 10 to 50 mg per day. It can be divided into separate doses. It is recommended to start therapy with the lowest effective doses and gradually increase until therapy gives desired therapeutic results.

Women with metastatic breast cancer should be closely monitored due to the potential for acceleration of the disease. The methyltestosterone dosage for the treatment of breast cancer in females is 50-200 mg per day.

Side Effects Metilver (Methyltestosterone)

Like all medicines, methyltestosterone can cause adverse events while used as prescribed. Generally, the side effects patients may experience with methyltestosterone are mild to moderate. The most common side effects in women are amenorrhea, virilization including clitoris enlaregement and deepening of the voice, gonadotropin inhibition and menstrual irregularity.

Side effects:

– Gynecomastia;

– Oligospermia;

– Hirsutism;

– Acne;

– Nausea and vomit;

– Hepatic peliosis;

– Rarely hepatocellular neoplasms;

– Changes in liver function tests;

– cholestatic jaundice;

Retention of sodium, water and chloride;

– Headache;

– Anxiety;

– Depression;

– Paresthesia;

– Increased libido;

– And, rarely, anaphylactoid reactions.

The list of side effects that may occur during methyltestosterone therapy may not be complete. Discuss all the risks for your particular medical condition with a doctor. Dont get alarmed by the enumerated possible side effects. Each patient reacts differently to the medicine and no one can predict the adverse reactions that may occur during treatment.

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