Substance: Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot)
Package: 10 ampoules (50mg / ml)

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Buy Stanoprime (Stanozolol) in Italy

The drug Stanoprime (Stanozolol) is a steroid with pronounced anabolic activity and low androgen, which makes it quite popular interactions among Italian athletes. It is an injectable drug that stimulates protein synthesis. Stanoprime (Stanozolol) (the online order to obtain a drug quality) also significantly increases the metabolism of muscle tissues and cells. Basically, people order Stanoprime (Stanozolol) because they know it is used to gain muscle mass, or to dry the body while preparing for a competition.

Stanoprime (Stanozolol) Positive Effects

The main effects of the drug Stanoprime (Stanozolol) are:

– The increase in power performance;

– The increase in resistance;

– Removal of excess fluids from the body;

– Increased appetite;

– The removal of subcutaneous fat;

– Increase of anabolic activities;

– The reduction of androgenic activity.

What other effects does Stanoprime (Stanozolol) provide

Also, athletes in Italy prefer the drug Stanoprime (Stanozolol) (buy online) due to the effect that gives visible muscle relief.

Stanoprime (Stanozolol) Dosage

This course of taking the drug can be different. Start with a small recommended daily dose of 10 mg and gradually increase to 50 mg two injections per week. The course of taking the drug should not exceed nine weeks usually. The normal duration of the Stanoprime (Stanozolol) course of the course is 6-8 weeks. These dosages and the duration of the course can be adjusted thanks to the specific needs of the athlete and the recommendations of the coach, which should also be taken into consideration by sportsmen.

As the reviews of many athletes say, the effect of the drug lasts up to three weeks, so you can use it directly before the competition. Experienced coaches recommend to buy Stanoprime (Stanozolol) and apply it, because the drug does not cause water retention in the body, which is an additional plus for the sportsman.

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