Testover P amp.

Testover P amp.


Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Package: 10 ampoules (100mg / ml)

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Buy Testover P (Testosterone Propionate) in Italy

Vermodji Testover P, which consist of Testosterone Propionate, manufactured by Vermodji Labs, which is the company that have a wide range of products; in addition, it has a good reputation in the market, thanks to the experience and foundation are.

Testosterone Propionate is a fast-acting testosterone compared to Enathate and Cypionate with similar potential for negative effects. Fifty milligrams of Testosterone Propionate has an effect on testosterone levels for one or two days. This compares with a rise in testosterone levels for one or two weeks after administration of testosterone enanthate. Therefore, it is common to use it with more frequent intake schedules, such as everyday, or comfortably every other day. In the same time fast-acting effects, testosterone propionate has, provides that the steroid can be cleansed from the body much faster than other steroids (Enanthate, Cypionate), making it an ideal choice for athletes under test.

Testover P (Testosterone Propionate) Online Price Italy

Testosterone is considered to be the base of steroids for most of all cycles. It has both anabolic and androgenic effects in the body. It is the most popular steroid for gaining muscle mass and strength.

Testover P (Testosterone Propionate) Positive Effects

Testosterone Propionate also has a reputation for causing fewer side effects than Enanthate or Cypionate due to its short duration of effect. Although the negative effects of Testosterone Propionate is milder than other testosterons, the buildup of estrogen and its other adverse effects can become a problem for the sensitive skin of users and those who choose to use a high dose of Testosterone Propionate. For this reason, to minimize estrogen-based side effects, the use of an anti-estrogen additionally (such as Tamoxifen, Proviron, Anastrozol) is commonly recommended for sensitive users, or those who use high doses. of Testosterone Propionate Italy. Also, Testosterone Propionate may not rarely cause hypertension, but it can aromatize at high dosages.

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